Dog skin treatment - Success stories

Please see some of the worst cases of dog skin disorders. All dogs were treated naturally, with a mix of special herbs and an easy dog food diet. Nothing else. We do not use any harsh shampoos, drugs, antibiotics or steroids for our skin treatment. The two dogs in the last row were considered to put to sleep, because their horrible skin disorders seemed to be hopeless. Antibiotica did not work, our treatment was the last hope for their owners.
After the natural skin treatment, no dog developed any further skin problems, they all were cured forever.

Dalmatian dog before natural skin treatment

Dalmatian dog after natural skin treatment

GS dog-before natural skin treatment

GS dog after natural skin treatment

Labrador dog-before natural skin treatment

Labrador dog-after natural skin treatment



dog eczema before natural skin treatment

dog eczema after natural skin treatment

dog allergy before natural skin treatment

dog allergy after natural skin treatment

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