Dog Behavior Problems


Living with us is stressful for dogs

Believe me, it is really stressful for dogs to live with us. Behavior problems increase in the modern dog since they cannot express any dog-typical behavior anymore.
All behavior which is genetic and instinctual for a dog gets supressed by the human. Dogs are not allowed to bark or to bite, chasing is forbidden and most of them have not even to raise a litter. So, living in a luxury appartement, never exercising outside, riding in a car instead of running in the woods is a very stressful live for any dog. Behavior problems are pre-programmed and a dog will ask his owner: “What do I do with my energy?”

dog-behavior-training2Dogs have needs too

As you answer that question and give your dog what he needs as an animal, his behavior will change immediately. As soon as you talk in your dogs language his trust in you will blossom and you get the dog you always wanted.
Therefore it is without exception up to us humans, to teach our dogs behaviors that not just suits our needs and lifestyle but particulary fulfill our dogs needs too. It is up to us to establish a bridge of understanding, so that our dogs can live with us in harmony.

Each dog is a good dog

Next time your dog behaves ‘bad’ see it as a signal and be prepared to help him! Always remember: If your dog behaves wrong he does not want to upset or annoy you. Problem behavior happens because he has no other way to express his feelings! Take bad behavior as a chance to understand the emotions of your dog. He shows it very clear with his behavior. Do not punish him for that faith - better help your dog, he craves it so much. We are pleased to assist you in this process.

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