Hyperactive Dogs


Always ready for a surprize

Hyperactive dogs insist more and more activity.
 Most of them are really intelligent dogs. They learn very quickly and need real challenges. Just walking straight forward is way too boring for them.

Unfortunately, their constant urge to move averts hyperactive dogs to really focus on a certain target. Even if your dog joins in an exercise, he may suddenly be distracted and runs away to chase a bird or to pull down your laundry from the line... Please do not respond panicked to those caprioles! If your dog has hyperactive traits, it is important that you yourself remain perfectly calm. Do not apply to his follies. You will get appropriate, individual solutions later in every training session.

Reasons for hyperactivity

hyperactive-dogSeveral factors can trigger hyperactive behavior. It's not just hunger for knowledge which stimulates our dogs. Anxiety, pain, unfulfilled needs, sex drive, confusion, etc. lead dogs into stress, which they try to reduce through increased activity.
Please be aware that hyperactivity is an emotional problem, not a behavior problem! Therefore, it will not help to scold or punish your dog. This would just lessen his trust in you. Next time when you feel that you want to discipline your dog – please think about what really caused his frolic in the first place. 

  • Does your dog have too much “free” time alone? 
  • Can he frequently drain his emotional energy? 
  • Did your dog express signals of tension or fear which you ignored? 
  • Are you disciplining misbehaviors? 

hyperactive-dogHow to help your hyperactive dog

Disciplining and punishing is a model of psychology, which addresses human behavior. It does not work for hyperactive dogs or animals at all. The more you respect your dog as an animal, the more you can understand his intensions. Dogs need an outlet for their core energy that satisfies their instinctual needs. You better take what your dog offers you and lead it into a positive path rather than fighting against it.
See it as it is. All of his hyperactive actions just mean on thing: “How can I drain my energy? Please give me something to do”.
This is the moment when you need to play a tug game, run out of the house and let your dog chase you, or you hide yourself in another room, so your dog needs to find you. Keep it simple keep it fun. Play active games outside, let him run and jump. Hide treats under a pile of twigs and leaves or let him dig a sandbox to find a hidden bone. Inside the house don’t play or stimulate your hyperactive dog. Inside let him relax, rest with him at the carpet and calm down together.

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