why dog skin disorders occurWhy dog skin disorders occur?

Your dog’s body is made of many organs containing millions of cells. Skin and coat indicate his general health condition.

Most dog skin disorders occur because the metabolism does not function normally. This can be caused by the wrong diet, by overfeeding, by lack of exercise or by an inherited disorder as demodectic mange.

Demodectic mange, Allergies, Eczema, Psoriasis, Ringworm, Dermatitis or Fungi infections are immune system related skin problems, and therefore easy to cure. It just takes some more time than orthodox treatment.

The immmune system is the key

The immune system is persistently protecting the body from parasites, bacterial, fungal, or virus-infected cells. Usually, infected cells produce interferon and other cytokines, which can signal contiguous uninfected cells to intensify their defenses, enabling them to damage the invaders.

In a weak immune system, bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, and toxins can pass the immune defending T-cells, and generate health problems.

Skin disorders appear because it is the easiest way for the body to eliminate arosen pus, body secretion and other toxins.

A lowered immune system function in dogs results in acute or chronic skin disorders, food allergy, arthritis, persistent infections, waxy ears, allergies, slowly healing wounds, body odor, listlessness or fertility disorders.

Boosting the immune system for proper working biochemical interactions is important to your dog’s wellness. It will help his body to overcome bacteria, to destroy toxins, or to kill viruses by itself.
However, please be patient. Improvements usually become apparent after 4-8 weeks of constant treatment with herbs and minerals. The whole immune system has to re-adjust and each condition may take a different length of time to improve.
But, it works. Soon your dog will be healthy and beautiful - see some before-after images here:
Skin treatment success stories

How can you help your dog?

In most cases of skin disorders the dogs body lacks minerals. But, to find out which mineral is missing would require expensive lab tests. It might be a deficiency in iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, chromium or any other. So, it is the best you provide all needed minerals in one. By using our herbal mineral mix you provide your dog a balanced amount of minerals in the right potency, which will boost your dogs immune system.

How does our herbal mix help?

Caniderm-V acts as catalyst and removes toxic substances from your dog’s body; it supports the cleaning process of stomach and intestines. In addition, liver and kidneys get rid of toxins and can recover. After the cleaning up period, the proper metabolism commences. All organs and the skin can function properly again. Soon your dog can become more energetic, pretty and happy.

Use herbs and minerals to help your dog - without side effects 

dog skin treatment

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