Antje Hebel by Doggies Paradise
Doggie's Paradise

Doggie's Paradise is a center for natural dog skin treatment and dog training, established by Antje Hebel, German animal behaviorist, homeopath and book author.
Our team is specialized to treat dog skin disorders naturally and very successful. 

Natural skin treatment

Since 15 years we use only herbs and an easy diet to cure dog skin disorders naturally. We already cured thousands of dogs with this simple and cheap method. Yes, it is that easy! YOU can treat your dogs skin problem at home - because most dog skin problems are caused by a weak immune system. Only if there is an underlying problem as lyme disease, auto immune disease or even cancer you need the help of drugs or other medical support. Please contact us if you have detailed questions.

Natural dog training

We work since 1985 with dogs and their owners.
Today we are specialized to train even very aggressive dogs and bring them back to a normal state of mind.
Natural Dog Training does not use punishment or violence, but addresses a dogs natural drives and instincts to release stress, fear or aggression. With this natural way it takes just few weeks to rehabilitate a dog. We show you how to give your dog what he really needs by nature to fulfill his drives, to drain his energy and to calm him down in a natural way.

Online dog training

If you are not in Germany, we train your dog online via skype. That is same effective as personal dog training, because we see each other on the monitor of our pc, laptop or smartphone. So, we can easily talk to each other. You see me acting with my dogs, you may ask me questions and get all necessary tips for effective dog training.
You can do online dog training outside in the woods, when on holiday or even frm your sofa, it is so easy!

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