Allergies in Dogs

The number of dogs with skin allergies has increased dramatically.

dog-skin-allergiesAllergies in dogs are unpleasant reactions caused by exposure to a certain food, inhalant or other substance in the environment. If your dog’s immune system is weak his body will react extremely sensitive to those allergenes and develop allergies.

In dogs, the skin is the target organ of allergies. Today one of seven dogs suffers from skin allergies, and all dog breeds and cross breeds are affected.


Typical symptoms of skin allergies in dogs

  • Constant scratching
  • Biting at the skin
  • Rubbing up against objects, or rubbing the back on the floor
  • Frequent sneezing or a runny nose
  • Skin rashes, bumps or open sores on the skin


Most common allergies in dogs

  • Dog food allergies
  • Flea bite allergies
  • Contact allergies (allergic to chemicals, fertilizer, harsh shampoos etc.)
  • Inhaled allergies (allergic to dust mites, pollen, fumes)

How to treat your dog’s allergies

If you treat your dogs skin allergy with Antibiotics or Cortisone, you will not see a long term improvement, because it addresses merely the symptoms. But, for an effective treatment you have to hit the root of the problem. Depending of the type of skin allergy, you need to use different herbs and minerals. Most allergies you cure successful by boosting your dog's immune system.

Try our natural treatment which we use since 15 years successful to cure dog skin allergies:

Effective to treat dog food allergy, inhaled allergy and neurotic allergy

allergy treatment for dogs
Dalmatian dog after mange treatment
Labrador dog before mange treatment Labrador dog after mange treatment GS dog before mange treatment GS dog after mange treatment

Allergy treatment for dogs

For 3 months herbal treatment of dogs allergies

Only $79

What you will get
Caniderm-V is a herbal supplement for dog medication with all the necessary vitamins and minerals essential to boost cellular energy and immune system function. It is formulated for dogs with serious skin disorders, as demodectic mange, allergies, eczema, or yeast infections. A mineral supplement to help dogs to recover from skin disorders. The powder is easily mixed with the dog food. Very tasty, even spoiled dogs love it.
Contains more than 20 herbs, echinacea, biotin, potassium, kelp, spirulina, diatomaceous earth, silicic acid, and trace elements. Caniderm-V is made of human-grade natural ingredients. No fillers, preservatives, colors, or binders are used.


  • Herbal supplement to support treatment of dog skin disorders as mange, allergies or eczema
  • Easy treatment
  • Free online consultation if you have further questions

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