Dog Mange Treatment

bobo22 1Dog mange is not just a problem of skin or fur. Demodectic mange can only develop if your dogs immune system decreases. This usually happens because wrong or unbalanced nutrition. But also stress (moving to another location, loss of owner, harsh disciplining..) can cause dog mange.

Each dog has demodectic mites under his skin, they are normal inhabitants of dog skin. But only if the immune system drops, those mites can spread uncontrolled.

Because dog mange is a matter of a decreased immune system, it is really easy to treat. Same as a flu in humans. Boost your dogs immune system, and the demodectic mange will disappear. Strong drugs or harsh shampoos are not necessary for mange treatment.

Sounds too easy for you? Take a look at our success page. We already treated thousands of dogs with this natural methode. Once the dog mange was treated it never recured.

If you follow some simple rules, also your dog will be healthy and look beautiful very soon!

Get your natural mange treatment

Why your Vet cannot help you

Because orthodox vets only treat symptoms. This may help for the beginning to kill bacteria or skin infections. But antibiotica, drugs or steroids are not helpful for a long term treatment, because the symptoms reoccur if you stop them. The only way to help your dog is to boost his immune system by keeping his body free from any chemicals, preservatives, additives and other artificial stuff.

Take a look at our skin treatment success stories. Those dogs are the proof that natural treatment of dog skin problems is possible!

dogskin treatment

dog mange treatment dana abefore
dana after
becky before becky after austin abefore Austin after

Dog mange treatment

For 3 months herbal treatment of dog mange

Only $79

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What you will get

  • Caniderm-V is a herbal supplement for dog medication with all the necessary vitamins and minerals essential to boost cellular energy and immune system function. It is formulated for dogs with serious skin problems, as demodectic mange, allergies, eczema, or yeast infections. A mineral supplement to help dogs to recover from skin problems. The powder is easily mixed with the dog food. Very tasty, even spoiled dogs love it. Contains more than 20 herbs, echinacea, biotin, potassium, kelp, spirulina, diatomaceous earth, silicic acid, and trace elements. Caniderm-V is made of human-grade natural ingredients. No fillers, preservatives, colors, or binders are used.
  • Neem oil for topical treatment will soothen rashes, wounds or other skin irritations. You can directly apply it to the dogs skin, it is none toxic.
  • Coconut oil will support your dogs digestion and help to clean the body from inside.


  • Herbal supplement to support treatment of dog skin problems as mange, allergies or eczema
  • Easy treatment
  • Free online consultation if you have further questions

iWe ship Priority Mail from Germany. This guarantees you fresh products, highest potency, and lowest prices! We are so convinced about the quality of our skin treatment products, that we pay the shipment fee! You pay only a minimum cost for packaging and handling.

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