Demodectic mange vs. Scabies mange

doggie8There are two types of mange that can infect your dog. One is demodectic mange, the other is scabies mange. The difference between them is obvious since they appear differently.
Always remember: Demodectic mange is an internal problem, mostly related to the immune system; Scabies mange is an external skin disorder.

Demodectic mange

  • Happens because an immune system deficiency
  • Caused by a mite under the dog skin
  • The entire skin turns pink, red or black. Skin infections, rashes or open sores may appear
  • Hairloss allover the dog's body
  • Strong odor
  • Demodectic mange is NOT very itching

Scabies mange

  • Only few hairless patches at the dog skin
  • Caused by a mite from outside the dogs body
  • Looks like a scab caused by scratching
  • NO body odor
  • Dog suffers from steadily itching skin


Neem is most effective for both types of dog mange. Although, for demodectic mange it is essential to additionally boost your dogs immune system with appropriate minerals.

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