Dog backpack for behavior modification

We often see immediate behavior changes even if dogs wearing an empty backpack. The weight is not important for a behavior improvement.

dog backpack breeze dog backpack breeze
dog backpack-breeze

Dog backpack breeze

For medium (M) size dogs

$29     only $25

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This backpack helps you to change your dog's behavior. Because your dog needs to focus on his own body instead on distractions! By carrying your keys, his treats or dog toy he has a job and feels needed. This causes active dogs to calm down. Fearful, shy dogs feel hugged and therefore more secure. The backpack allows you to get more control of your dog while walking together. You may gain a behavior change already with an empty backpack. If an empty backpack does not affect your dog, a fully packed one does neither. The pack weight is not relevant for a behavior modification.


  • Visible behavior improvement in most dogs
  • Soon your dog will listen much better to you
  • Makes your dog feels hugged and safe



  • Designed by renowned Behaviorist Antje Hebel at Doggie's Paradise
  • Stylish design, reflecting tapes for safety
  • Easy fastening which does not cause any noise
  • Adjustable belly straps
  • Water resistant, easy to clean

Order this cute dog backpack today, your dog will love it!

Please measure your dog before your order!
Size M fits medium dogs with 24 to 29 inches chest circumference. For dog breeds as the Dalmatian, Pointer, Australian Shepherd, Boxer, Stafford- or Bull-terrier.


The dog backpack is a mental help for behavioral improvement. It should only be loaded with up to 500g (1lbs) per side in order not to overload the spine of your dog. You can easily stow your keys, wallet, dog leash, dog toy, a towel, treats or other small items inside. The backpack is not meant to let a dog carry heavy bottles, stones and other loads! While playing with other dogs, the backpack should be removed. Please do not use it as a harness.


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