Dog Training


"Dog Training should be fun"

Dogs can be our best friends and loyal companions if we can open our hearts, understand their emotions and respect them as creatures of another species.
Antje Hebel



Online dog training live

1BYou want to solve your dogs behavior problems but have no dog behaviorist nearby? Does your dog bark at your visitors, attack other dogs or soil your house? Is he naughty, unpredictable and cheeky? Then our live online dog training is the solution for you.

Natural dog training

dog-trainingDoes not mean to dominate or manipulate a dog. Dog training means to build a bridge between dog and human and to learn how to live and communicate together. Start to speak your dogs language, and his behavior will change

Emotional dog training

dog-trainingUnderstanding your dogs emotions and core instincts gives you access to his deepest feelings and desires. Rather than fighting his intensity you better use it to stimulate your dog and drain his energy in a natural way...

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