Emotional dog training

emotional-dog-trainingUsing emotions for a better dog training

We just ask you not to supress your dog's emotions, but better using them to create some constructive behaviors. This will fulfill your dog's deepest instincts and gives you much more peace of mind. What does it mean 'using emotions'?
It means, that you stop to react upset when your dog acts emotionally. The moment he barks excited, he jumps around excited, he runs away or he bites your ankles... Stay calm and be happy that your dog shares his emotions with you.
See it as it is: An excited, emotionally acting dog is just overwhelmed by a situation. He really needs your help now, not your anger!

emotional-dogBreathe and relax

The next time your dog acts out, do not adapt to his energy! Better, breathe and calm down! If your dog could speak he would say:
"I feel just too much energy, this knocks me off balance and I need to do something..." So, breathe, relax and forgive your dog! Remember: dogs release their emotional stress over the fang, they have NO other way.
Finally, analyze the situation and distract your dog from what is distressing him...and he will grateful calm down.
So, the purpose of our emotional dog training is to help you through this process. Soon you will understand why your dog does what he does. And you can stop his tantrum or fear without disciplining or punishing him! Isn't this fantastic, is it?

"When we understand that dogs are emotional beings, and that our dogs emotions are a source of information for us, which is often obscured from our eyes by human reasons, then we will see our dog not as a being apart from us but instead as being a part of us." Kevin Behan



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