Online dog training live

online-dog-trainingIs live online dog training for you?

  • You want to solve your dogs behavior problems but have no specialized behaviorist nearby?
  • Does your working schedule not fit with local dog training classes?
  • Did you already complete dog obedience training or other dog classes but your dog is still misbehaving?
  • Does your dog bark at your visitors, attack other dogs or soil your house? Is he pulling the leash, refusing to come when called or chewing your belongings?

Then our live online dog training is the solution for you.

How does live online dog training work?

online-dog-trainingIf your dog's behavior problem constantly appears we will do dog training live via skype. If the problem behavior only happens in certain situations/environments or toward particular people/animals it might be beneficial to provide me an additional video. You record your dog and upload it to YouTube or another video portal. Then you send me the link where I can find it. You may even codify your video, to exclude the public from watching it.

Live online dog training via skype

We will setup a time per email and as you call me via skype the online dog training starts. You demonstrate live with your dog what behavior problem you like to solve. We also can do regular dog training together, or whatever is needful for you.

Live online dog training - Basic Obedience

Regular dog training works the same way as behavior training. I show you each exercise with my own dogs. You join in and we talk live about questions or difficulties. I will explain you why your dog is acting in his way and give you individual solutions which fit your dog's character and abilities.

Your benefits of live online dog training:

  • It is easy! You do it on your pc, tablet or smartphone.
  • It is timeless! You do the training whenever you have time.
  • It is cheap! You get help already for $75 per hour, no additional expenses.
  • It is convenient! You train your dog at home while sitting on your sofa.


After few hours online training you have the dog you desire.

Join our live online dog training today!


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