Dog Aggression

dog aggression

Why dogs develop aggression

Before you can solve your dogs aggression, you need to understand what dog aggression actually means.

First of all, forget the statement that an aggressive dog is 'bad'. This is simply NOT true! Aggression is nothing bad and has nothing to do with dominance. Aggression is rather a form of fear, pressure or discomfort. Only if a dog is emotional overloaded and has no more way out of a situation - he shows aggression! It is his last resort to tell others "Enough, leave me alone!"

So, aggressive dogs are not bad, they are helpless!



Forms of dog aggression

A dog may show aggressions toward certain items (food bowl, toys), other dogs or in unpleasant situations (vet, groomer).
This means the dog uses those objects/creatures as a chance to get rid of his fear or discomfort. He releases his emotional overload on them.
A dog does not care about that toy or the vet. But since he is afraid, he needs them to feel strong enough to release his emotional pressure with a bite. Basically all those forms of aggression have the same motivation. Just, each dog has an individual way to get rid of his charge. One dog defends the sofa, the other dog bites the postman...

How to solve dog aggressionaggressive-dog

The more aware you are about what’s really going on with your dog, the easier it will be to address his aggression. The most important thing for you is to stop denouncing his aggression. Take it as an inability to relax in moments of high stimulation. In stressful/over-whelming situations your job is to help your dog get relaxed instead of reprimanding him.
So as your dog acts aggressive, see yourself as the solution for his emotional problem. Pay attention to what’s happening with your dog during several  situations, look for signs of physical or emotional tension, and help him immediately.
The second is not to rush. Appreciate every tiny behavior change and accept HIS pace of transforming. Be there to help your dog to relax in his most stressful moments. Let him bark on command or play tug-of-war, he will be grateful for your support.

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