Antje Hebel - Behaviorist & Homeopathic Practitioner


Natural treatment of dog skin disorders

In Germany I used Homeopathy to treat disorders naturally. I cured my own dogs and other dogs. But soon, after I moved to Bali I had no homeopathic remedies in stock anymore. Importing them was prohibited.
To make it short, one of my dogs developed a serious skin disorder, and no Vet in Bali could help him. Without homeopathis remedies, I just had one solution:
Changing his diet to fresh feeding and boosting his immune system with VCO and Neem tea. Topical I used Neem oil and Neem soap to soothen my dogs skin. At least that was easy, since Neem and Coconut oil are harvested in Indonesia.

Few weeks after starting this natural treatment, my dog not only looked better (His fur became shiny, skin infections disappeared, no more bald patches...), he also seemed to become much more active and looked more happy. It was fantastic!

At that point I started to treat also other dogs who suffered from demodicosis, mange, skin infections or scabies in my natural way. The effects were amazing! All dogs could be cured and their skin disorders never recurred! You can see some of them on our page dog skin treatment success

After recognizing how easy it is to cure dog skin disorders naturally - completely from inside instead just treating the outer symptoms - I decided to help as much dogs as possible. Believe me, natural skin treatment is easy. Your dogs body just needs some time...

Natural dog training

Antje Hebel dogtrainingAbout 1984 I got my first own dog, a German Shepherd, Bronco. Since I did not know anything about dog behavior, instincts or stamina he was perfect in obedience, but miserable behaved.
He pulled me to the park, he attacked other dogs and acted aggressive towards my friends.
I was upset and annoyed about his behavior. Bronco ruined my dreams of having a well mannered reliable companion like 'Lassie'.
I started to watch documentaries about free living dogs, visited hands-on-seminars and read all books about dog behavior. Finally, beside my ordinary job in hotel management, I enrolled in a school for animal science and behavior.

It did not take a long time and Bronco became the well behaved, trustworthy dog I always wanted. As other people recognized the change in him, they asked me to help them to train their dogs as well. That was the beginning of my career as a dog trainer.

I learned a lot during the last 30 years and used several ways to train a dog. Today I use mainly games for training and Kevin Behan's Method of Natural Dog Training for rehabilitation.
Priority in my dog training is to strengthen the bond between human and dog. It sounds easy but it is hard work to gain the full trust of an animal. But after the dog owner earned that trust, the dog elicit a natural urge to obey, because he feels safe beside his human. From this stage dog training is easy - because the dog wants what we want...

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