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Mixed Dog Breeds - Mixed Breed Dogs

In mixed breed dogs we may recognize the origins of the parents in outer shell and behavior.

mixed breed dogsIf neither the appearance nor the behavior will indicate the parentage, we have true mixed breed dogs. Because the mixed dog breeds draw from a broader genetic pool, they are not prone to genetic illness that is predictable in many pure breed dogs. In addition, many times their character is a combination of several dog breeds, which can complement the strengths of each dog breed, while diminishing the extreme often undesirable behaviors of many pure breed dogs.

Millions of these mixed breed dogs are abused, or euthanized every year throughout the world. Many dog owners only care about the prestige or appearance of a pure breed dog, without actually looking into the true character of the dog they are purchasing. Dog owners spend thousands of dollars for the phenomenon of "trend dogs", rather than going to the nearest animal shelter and adopting a dog from a mixed dog breed that will probably be genetically and behaviorally more sound than the fashion dog.

Today we have about 400 dog breeds registered in the F.C.I. Many pure breed dogs have genetic and behavioral disorders due to improper selective breeding or loss of the task for which they were bred. Money-hungry dog breeders neglect the most important part of a dogs character - the temperament - and create shy and emotionally unstable dog breeds.

In the Bali dog, one can see many different dog breeds as Dalmatian, Dingo, Spitz, Chow-Chow, Samoyed, Boarder Collie, or Basenji.
Those Bali street dogs have a smart, bright personality. Until today, they could keep the natural wolf instincts and behaviors. The Bali mixed breed dogs are great watchdogs but they never obey people who did not earn their trust and respect.

I found my ‘Bali Dog’ in the street, and he is the best dog I ever had. He is self confident, alert but sociable, playful, high intelligent, never sick, easy to groom, and understands & obeys about 50 commands.
I would not trade my Bali-street-dog for anything in the world. He taught me more lessons than I ever could teach him. Moreover, this great mixed breed dog was free of charge…

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