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Practice of Dogs Ear cropping


Read how dog ear cropping goes:ear cropping dogs

  • For ear cropping, dogs or puppies are put under general anesthesia between the tender ages of 7-12 weeks old. Any general anesthesia always poses a risk, special for puppies.
  • 2/3 of the earflap, including many nerve endings and acupuncture zones, are removed during ear cropping. The raw, bloody edges are then closed with stitches from the bottom to the tip of the ear. Many dog breeders will say that ear cropping does not hurt the puppy.
    However, when a puppy cries out in pain, and bumps or scratches the ear, this is a sign of pain!
  • Ears are now cropped and stitches have been removed, now the puppy has to go through months of mandatory ear taping. In some cases, the ears may never stand and the dog could be subjected to a second ear cropping, at a much older age. For those dog owners that choose not to repeat a failed ear cropping, the dog is stuck with an ugly, cropped ear that flops either over the head or down the cheek.

ear cropping dogsThere is NO proven medical benefit for ear cropping on dogs. There is no scientifically proof that it will cut down the risk of ear infections by increasing ventilation of the ear canal. Keeping the dog ears clean from dirt and debris is the job of every dog owner, it is basic dog grooming, regardless if the dog is cropped or un-cropped.

Most dog breeders practice ear cropping to successfully competing in the show ring. However, ears do not determine the quality of a dog. If a dog is good, he will have the same chance any other dog has. Natural eared dogs can -and do- win championships.

Ear cropping dogs will inhibit dogs interactions with other dogs. Dogs communicate with each other, using ears and tails, and ear cropping affects these communication signals. Ear placements and tail presence are as much a part of a dogs ability to react to each other as our languages to us.

We have to make our views known and put pressure on those who think that ear cropping dogs makes dogs more attractive.
Go to dog shows and pet shops and express your thoughts, let dog breeders and pet stores know how you feel. Help to stop ear cropping, needlessly performed on thousands of dogs each week.

Refuse buying dogs with cropped ears and docked tail!

Many countries already outlaw dog ear cropping. How much longer will it take to make ear cropping illegal in Indonesia? When will humans rewrite dog breeds standards, and breed dogs with normal heads that do not require defacement to win trophies - or to bring more profit.

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