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Dog Scabies - Treatment Secrets
Did you already try scabies treatment on your dog? Did you consult several vets? You seem not satisfied with the results. Well, that's why we want to help you.

Most orthodox vets just prescribe you harsh chemicals, or steroids for the itching. They learned to do a quick fix. This wrong treatment will not only cost you hundreds of bucks per year; the side effects of those drugs will damage your dogs health on the long term.

Herbal Dog Scabies treatment is possible!
Centuries ago, people in India discovered the power of the Neem tree to get rid of parasites, like mites, ticks, or fleas.
Later, in a scientific study, researchers tested Neem for scabies treatment in humans. Ninety-seven percent of 814 cases were cured within 3 to 15 days.
What an incredible result! The ultimate scabies treatment with Neem will help your dog as well!

  • Dog Scabies treatment is safe
    Our scabies treatment is made from organic Neem, formulated by a holistic vet,
    Dr. Made Restiati. She primary created it to treat the street dogs in Bali.

  • Dog Scabies treatment is easy
    Here you get a complete health package for your dogs scabies treatment. It contains 1 x Neem shampoo, 2 x Neem skin oil, 3 x essential Neem oil, 2 x Neem tea. That is all you need!

  • Dog Scabies treatment is fast
    Within two weeks, the endless scratching will be over. Your dog will look pretty, and feel healthy again - guaranteed!

Herbal scabies treatment will stop your dogs itching - forever!

We ship straight from Germany. This guarantees you fresh products, highest potency, and lowest prices!
We are so convinced about the quality and the results, that we pay the half shipment for you - wherever you live in the world! Thus, your fee for international shipment is only $ 19.

Order this incedible health package now - your dog will love you for it!


dog scabies treatment
Dog Scabies Treatment Set

Price only $ 69,90


For treatment of dog scabies apply Neem oil as often as necessary to soften the scabies scabs, then peel the "tunnels" off. Wash your dog once a week with the Neem shampoo.
Prepare a tea from the Neem leaves and add it daily to your dogs food. Or use this "tea" as a refreshing body wash.

Neem is helpful for dog scabies treatment, immune system disorders, dog skin disorders, and skin rashes.

Other dog skin disorders:

Demodectic Mange ::: Yeast Infection ::: Eczema ::: Ringworm
Scalp Psoriasis ::: Staphylococci Infection ::: Seborrheic Dermatitis

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