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Antibiotic overuse on dogs
dogs antibiotic

Vets prescribe an antibiotic for dogs as preventative, although it is rarely necessary.
The antibiotic overuse on viral, fungal or other nonbacterial dog disorders is alarming! Studies have shown that at least 50% of all antibiotic prescriptions for dogs are probably not needed.
Many veterinarians rely on "studies" and overuse the antibiotic for dogs to support claims of dog therapy. Why? Simple! Studies and promotion to sale the drugs take time and millions of dollars. Of course, the pharmaceutical industry that sponsors and pays for the studies is interested to get this money back.

Is there a natural antibiotic?
Sure. Years ago dog owners put garlic cloves in the wounds of their dogs or used Bee Propolis, a natural antibiotic that encourages white blood cells to destroy bacteria.

They used Echinacea as a natural antibiotic for dogs.
Today we know, Neem has effective, natural antibiotic properties as well.
And there are many other herbs, which are same effective but not dangerous for your dog as strong drugs.

Keep your dog healthy without antibiotics!
Tell your veterinarian that you are aware of the problems related to antibiotic. If it is determined that your dog needs an antibiotic for medication, try to avoid a broad spectrum antibiotic. This kills more bacteria than required!
Instead, request an antibiotic that is directed at the specific bacteria your dog needs for medication.
Do not administer an antibiotic for each harmless disorder, avoid antibiotic overuse! Save the big gun-treatment for emergencies and you will have a better chance of it being effective.
Encourage your vets to use alternative medicine. Make them aware that the side effects of antibiotic are dangerous for your dogs.

Use a vitamin supplement, herbal remedy, or homeopathy instead of antibiotic. Because, a natural antibiotic only attacks bad bacteria and leaves the important friendly bacteria alone!


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