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Immune system

Boosting dogs immune system

Boosting the immune system for proper working biochemical interactions is important to your dogs wellness. The immune system is persistently protecting the body from parasites, bacterial, fungal, or virus-infected cells. Boosting your dogs immune system will help his body overwhelm bacteria, destroy toxins, or kill viruses.
Iinfected cells produce interferon and other cytokines, which can signal contiguous uninfected cells to intensify their defenses, enabling them to damage invaders.

In a weak immune system, bacteria, viruses, micro organisms, and toxins can pass the immune defending cells, and generate disorders.
A lowered immune system function in dogs results in acute or chronic fungi, yeast infections, eczema, demodectic mange, food allergy, arthritis, ear infection, slowly healing wounds, or fertility disorders.

Nutrient deficiency is an eminent cause of immune system deficiency in dogs. Animal researchers have recently demonstrated that nutrient deficiency in one generation can affect immune system function in later generations, even if they are not nutrient deficient.

Thus, a poor nutrition or continuous feeding the wrong dog food diet weakens your dogs immune system.

Boosting your dogs immune system:

Balanced levels of trace elements, minerals, and vitamins are required to boost the immune system of your dogs to fight invading bacteria and viruses by itself.

Raw food diet for dogs is necessary to boost the immune system, because stomach and metabolism of all carnivores is designed to digest raw foods. Commercial dog food is a nutritional burden that dogs digestive system is unable to cope with. The use of unnatural dry food, and over-processed, chemically enhanced commercial dog foods weakens your dogs immune system. Wild animals are not plagued by the disorders that afflict our domesticated dogs!

To satisfy your dogs nutritional requirements and boost the immune system, all ingredients of wellness dog food have to be synergistic, meaning they should enhance each others effect as well as being able to work by themselves.
If you are not sure about the nutritional values, and biochemical processes in the body, add a high-quality nutritional supplement to your dogs food which contains vitamin B complex, folic acid, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, selenium, iodine, biotin, echinacea, and potassium.

The most important characteristic of Neem (neem tea, neem leaf) is, boosting both the lymphocyte and cell-mediated immune system. Neem boosts the production of T-cells, which defense your dogs body when attacks to the immune system occur.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is crucial for boosting your dogs immune system. Vitamin C has essential antiviral and antibacterial activity, but its main effect is improvement of host resistance.

Omega Fatty Acids
Omega fatty acids are important for your dogs immune system, skin and coat health. Omega fatty acids boost food utilization and energy production. Evening primrose oil is most effective (omega 6 fatty acid), followed by flaxseed oil and fish oil (omega 3 fatty acid).

Zinc deficiency increases the risk of infection. Studies show that zinc supplements can boost the immune system, promote wound healing, and help develop white blood cells.

Pet medication       Dog food diet for skin disorders

Dog skin disorders:

Demodectic Mange :: Scabies :: Yeast Infection :: Eczema :: Ringworm
Scalp Psoriasis :: Staphylococci Infection :: Seborrheic Dermatitis

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