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Bach Flower Remedy for Dog Behavior


Dog Behavior and the appropriate Bach Flower Remedy:

Name Pet Medication
Aspen Bach flower remedy for vague or unaccountable fearful dog behavior. Appearing agitated for no apparent reason. The dog becomes anxious and you can see no cause.
Beech Use this bach flower remedy if the dog is intolerant toward other animals, people, events and situations; they may dislike people or animals.
Crab Apple Bach flower remedy for obsessive cleanliness, fastidiousness. If a dog is constant licking or nibbling on himselve, and may have a distaste for eating, mating or defecating. Great for detoxification.
Heather Bach flower remedy for dogs that are overly concerned with companionship because they are lonely. Dog is excessive barking or whimpering to get attention; plead for attention, whining while you are away

Bach flower remedy for jealous behavior toward other dogs, or a new baby in the home. Angry behavior growling, hissing, barking, snapping, or unprovoked attacks.


Bach flower remedy for impatient dog behavior seeming to have boundless energy, for dogs that can’t wait for the walk and always run ahead.

Mimulus Bach flower remedy for fearful dog behavior, afraid of lightening, visits to the vet. May shake or shiver when confronted with the thing that frightens them. Shy and timid dog behavior.

Bach flower remedy for enthusiastic dog behavior, excitable, hyperactive, full of nervous energy; dogs who jump up on visitors, or race around the park to join in ball games.

Vine Bach flower remedy for authoritative, dominant dog behavior, and overly aggressive behavior.

Dose: small dogs 3 drops; medium dogs 5 drops; large dogs 10 drops: three times daily

Give bach flower remedy 3 times daily directly in the dogs mouth or at a small piece of bread. If not possible, the bach flower remedy may be sprinkled over food or given to the drinking water.
When you recognize recovery, do not stop directly, sneak out the therapy. Degrease the doses and give:

3 days 3x3 drops
3 days 2x3 drops
3 days 1x3 drops

Another method (one which is particularly good for a dog in shock) is to rub the bach flower remedy or rescue remedy on pulse points, such as the throat or behind the ears. In case of emergency you can do this every twenty minutes.

No combination or amount of combinations of bach flower remedy can cause any harm. Bach flower remedy is regarded as being totally safe, and there are no known side effects. A Bach flower remedy is safe for babies and children.

Info on Bach flower remedy
Info on Rescue remedy


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